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Natural Resources and Energy for future

We will discuss the latest public and corporate policies for the management of natural resources. In addition we will make a special mention about what is being developed in terms of energy policies in Europe and the whole world


Asa Borssén
Co-founder and host of Highgrade Media. Highgrade is an interview series with leading thinkers on issues of natural resources and development. She is an experienced extractives policy analyst with a J.D. in International Law and a Master’s in International Affairs.

Miguel Castañeda
CEO and Founder of SWC-2050, a research center in sustainability; and the leader of Catalyst Sustainability Graduate School. He is an experienced professional in natural resources, energy transition and global research in sustainability with a master in Social and Political Management and a master in Business Research.  


Lola Berna
Leader of the Relationship with the professors of Catalyst Sustainability Graduate School